How to Get Jack Frost With DIA From Persona 3

By Zeus Tyrone Mendoza

Updated September 22, 2017

Create Jack Frost with DIA to succeed in
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"Persona 3" is a role-playing game from the "Megami Tensei" gaming series. You control an unnamed, male, high school student protagonist who recently joined the "Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad," also known as SEES. During your investigations, you summon a "Persona," which are corporeal representations of the character's self, to help you fight against shadow demons. One Persona you can summon is Jack Frost--coupled with the healing skill "DIA," Jack Frost is a powerful ally in your journey.

Enter the "Velvet Room" located on the bottom floor of the tower. The room's entrance is located on the left area as a blue-outlined doorway.

Select "Fuse" from the list of options Elizabeth gives you, then select "Normal Spread" for the type of fusion.

Select the Pixie and the Unicorn as the two Personae to fuse. Confirm the fusion selection by choosing "Yes."


There is a small chance that Jack Frost will still be fused without the DIA spell. Simply reload your game and fuse the Pixie and Unicorn until you create a Jack Frost Persona with DIA. If the fusion forecast does not present Dia as one of Jack Frost's skills, cancel out of it. When you select the Personas for fusion again, the skills will be randomly chosen. You can repeat the process until Dia is forecast. Creating Jack Frost with Dia is one of Elizabeth's earliest requests. If you complete the quest, you will be rewarded with high-cut armor.