How to Catch the Ho-Oh in the Pokemon Shiny Gold Version

by John Leonard ; Updated September 22, 2017

In “Pokémon Gold,” you’ll explore the islands of Johto and Kanto on your quest to capture Pokémon, battle gym leaders and defeat Team Rocket. Ultimately you'll need to collect over 250 Pokémon to complete the game, including rare and legendary Pokémon. “Pokémon Gold” features the legendary Ho-Oh, a fire- and flying-type bird Pokémon. You'll have to catch Ho-Oh on your first try since you’ll only encounter it once in the course of a game.

Earn the seventh badge from Cianwood City. Return to Goldenrod City and defeat Team Rocket to earn the Rainbow Wing item.

Return to Ecruteak City and enter the Tin Tower.

Proceed to the top floor of the tower, where you will find Ho-Oh waiting on the roof.

Save your game prior to engaging Ho-Oh, as it’s the only one in the game and if you lose the fight you’ll never be able to catch it again. Engage Ho-Oh by walking up to it and pressing the "A" button.

Use a team of Pokémon (level 40 or higher) to battle against Ho-Oh. Use electric attacks to paralyze the Ho-Oh or sleep-inducing attacks to put it to sleep. Use an Ultra Ball or Great Ball to attempt to capture Ho-Oh when its health is low (in the red) and it is asleep or paralyzed. Repeat until you successfully capture the Ho-Oh.

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