How to Convert Audio & Video to MIDI

By Thomas McNish

Updated September 22, 2017

Convert your audio and video files into MIDI to save disk space.
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MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), is a standard of code used to transfer digital signals directly into sound or video. This differs from analog or digital recording in the sense that there are no actual notes being played, but rather signals being transmitted and transformed into different sounds. One main advantage of MIDI recordings is that they take up far less space than MP3s, MPEGs or other audio and video formats. Converting your audio and video audio to MIDI will allow you to store far more files onto a disc or your computer's hard drive.

Converting Video to MP3

Get a video-to-MP3 converter. You can download the trial version of the Absolute Video to Audio converter from the Resources section below, or you can try a free program like Free Audio Editor or the online site Media Converter.

Open your converter program. Choose the file or folder where you want your converted audio to be saved. This is done by selecting the "Output Path" icon.

Find the video file that you want to extract the audio from by clicking the "Add File" button, "Import from Video" button or simply clicking "Browse."

Double-click the video file you want to add after browsing. Set your output path to MP3 and click "Convert" to extract your video's audio and convert it. If you're using Free Video Editor, upload your video first, then click "Convert Files." On the next screen, choose MP3 as the file's output conversion format. Save the converted files to your computer's Desktop for easy access later.

Converting your MP3s to MIDI

Get an MP3 to MIDI converter from a site such as Some of these converters are completely free, some of them you have to pay for, but all of them have free trials available.

Run your MP3 to MIDI converter after downloading and installing it. Choose "Add New File" or "Browse" to find the audio file you want to convert. Look on your computer's Desktop if you are ready to convert your extracted video's MP3 file into a MIDI file.

Choose "MIDI" as your output format and click "Convert" when you're ready to change your MP3 into a MIDI file. Take note of the folder where your MIDI files are being stored so you can easily find them later.