How to Get Free Internet Services for Low-Income People

By Amanda Knaebel

Updated September 28, 2017

Low-income individuals may not be able to afford high broadband or DSL Internet prices. Many low-income households still use the Internet for work and to stay in touch with family and friends. Some areas offer free Internet service to needy families, and everyone in the United States has the opportunity to get limited dial-up Internet access.

Contact your local social services office to see if they have any information about companies or non-profit organizations in your area that offer free Internet service to low-income people. Some cable companies and charities offer free Internet service to people who live in public housing or who could not otherwise afford Internet service.

Sign up for NetZero or Juno to get free dial-up Internet access. The free plans include up to 10 hours of Internet time per month. Calls to technical support charge a per-minute fee. Some areas do not have local access numbers, so make sure you can dial in to a local number or have an unlimited long-distance plan on your phone. Both NetZero and Juno offer low-cost dial-up Internet for people who need more than 10 hours per month.

Take a laptop equipped with a wireless card to public areas that offer free Wi-Fi. Many restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores and libraries offer free Wi-Fi to their patrons.