Ravenhearst Skeleton Key Cheats

By Jerry White

Updated September 22, 2017

You'll need seven of these.
i gold old-fashioned skeleton key image by Sherri Camp from Fotolia.com

"Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst" is a spooky hidden object game released by Activision in 2007 for both the PC and Mac. In the game, you must search Ravenhearst Manor for the lost pages of Emma Ravenhearst's diary. Accomplish your goal, and you will reveal a tragic love story. The manor contains more than 32 rooms, hiding thousands of items.

Check Your Map

In order to complete the last stage of "Ravenhearst" and finish the game, you need to get into the cellar. This is easier said than done, as the lock on the cellar door requires seven skeleton keys hidden throughout the manor (which lengthens overall playtime by making you do significant amounts of backtracking).

The first step is to click on your map. You will notice that a number of tabs are highlighted. These are the different locations you need to return to in order to obtain all the keys you need. However, the order in which you search for keys is very important—you must work your way downward from the top of the manor (and if you find a key out of order you will have to restart the puzzle from scratch).

Beware of Fake Keys

You only need seven skeleton keys, but there are far more than seven keys hidden throughout the manor. The trick is knowing which keys are the right keys. Some keys may be fake, and the way to learn this is to keep checking your basement tab on the map—if it turns off at any point, you've taken a fake key. So basically, check your map every time after you take a key to know if you have the right one or not. If you don't, keep searching that floor until you do.

Key Locations

First, search the tower until you find a "real" key (remember to click on map to double-check). Locations where you can find a key include the widow's walk (next to the wire clippers) and beneath the window of the attic.

Only after you have found the key in the tower, move down to the third floor and find a key in one of the following locations: master bedroom (next to the chest, against the window, or in the wardrobe), nursery (next to the dolls), study (under the toy car), or library (fireplace).

From here, go to the second floor. You will need to find two keys in these locations: music room (bike pump), game room (harp), theatre (lamp), storage room (armor), taxidermy room (by the drum), guest quarters (canopy), or guest bathroom (piggy bank).

Now, on to the first floor, where you will find two keys hidden in these locations: parlor (statue), dining room (hanging light), kitchen (table), living room (coffin), entry (statue), servant's quarters (beneath dollar), front porch (column).

Almost there! Now go to the ground floor and find a key in one of these locations: shed (soup), tree house (blue ribbon), backyard (bumper on car), garden (axe), garage (tricycle), greenhouse (binoculars).

You have your seven keys. Go to the cellar, unlock the door and see the final surprise!