How to Convert SMC to NES

By Nick Grimes

Updated September 22, 2017

Play Super Nintendo games on your computer by fixing the file name
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SMC and NES files are ROM files for Nintendo systems. An SMC file holds the ROM data for a Super Nintendo (or Super FamiCom) cartridge, whereas NES files can hold the data for either Super Nintendo or Nintendo Entertainment System games. Adding to this confusion, some Super Nintendo emulators will accept only files with the file suffix "NES." If you have SMC files that need to be changed into NES to run with these latter emulators, you can rename the files to convert them for this use.

Open the Start menu on your computer, and select "Control Panel." Choose "Folder Options."

Click the "View" tab, and uncheck the box next to "Hide extensions for known file types." Click "OK."

Navigate to the SMC files you need to change to NES. Highlight the file by clicking on it.

Click on the end of the highlighted filename to place the cursor after the name. Delete the letters "SMC" and replace them with "NES."

Press "Enter" or click elsewhere within the folder to confirm the change.


In Windows Vista, you can also view file types by clicking the unlabeled "Layout" button at the top-left of any window in Windows Explorer (to the left of the "Views" button). Click "Folder Options," and then follow the instructions in Step 2.

SMC files converted to NES will not run in an emulator that supports only Nintendo Entertainment System games. If you do not have an emulator that supports the SMC format, you can download one at


Some ROM files are protected by the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) and may not legally be downloaded or run unless you own the original software, regardless of their format. Only download ROM files from sites that practice compliance with ESA standards. Visit the site's "Policies" or "Contact Us" section to find this information.