How to Take Apart a Wii

By Si Kingston

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Mini Phillips screwdriver

  • Mini Tri-wing screwdriver

Disassemble Your Wii
i Wii image by Lidka from

The Nintendo Wii is a rather reliable gaming console, but some of them stop working after a while. If your Wii breaks and you want to repair it yourself—or if you simply want to modify your system for any reason—you must disassemble it. Be advised that taking apart your Wii will void any warranty.

Turn off your Wii and unplug all cords and cables from the system.

Flip the Wii upside down so the serial number of the Wii is facing up.

Remove the plastic flap covering the Wii ports. The flaps are white and silver and can be removed by hand without much force.

Remove the small Phillips-head screw on the battery compartment. Then remove the battery and battery tray from the device.

Locate three rubber feet above the battery tray and pull them off with your fingers. Once the feet are off, you will see a screw hiding under each one.

Remove the four white stickers on the bottom of the console. You will see a screw hiding underneath each sticker.

Use your Tri-wing and Phillips screwdrivers to remove these seven screws on the bottom of the Wii.

Turn the Wii over to its right side. Locate and remove the two rubber feet and two white stickers.

Remove the two silver Tri-wing screws from inside the holes on the silver Wii bezel (or faceplate) on the right side. And remove two more black Tri-wing screws from the silver bezel.

Open the Wii faceplate cover to remove a black faceplate underneath. Then wiggle out the two socket covers on the black faceplate with your fingers.

Remove the three black Phillips screws from the black faceplate. Then pull the black faceplate away from the base. Be careful because it is still connected by red and black wires.

Pull the red and white wire connector from its housing inside of the device with your hands. You will now have access to a white panel inside.

Remove two silver Phillips and two Tri-wing screws from the white panel. You are now ready to remove the right case hood of the console.

Turn the Wii so its right side is facing up. Slowly pull the entire right case hood off. It may take some force. If it appears stuck, verify that you have removed all the screws.

Remove four Phillips screws from the software reader after you have removed the right panel cover. Two of the screws are located in the middle of the software reader. Two are at the edge of the reader toward the front of the Wii.

Pull up the software reader. Be careful because it is still connected by a white wire cable and a gray ribbon cable. Pull the white wire cable connector out of the motherboard. Then lift the brown catch on the connector to release the gray ribbon cable. Now you can remove your DVD reader.


The inside of the Wii is sensitive to static. Discharge yourself by touching a metal object before you begin to take apart your Wii.