How to Create and Print Car Show Flyers

by Daniel KetchumUpdated September 28, 2017
a car in a car show image by Gary from Fotolia.com

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Graphic program (such as Paint)

  • Flier paper

  • Printer

A good way to drum up interest in your upcoming car show is to create a flier. Making a car show flier isn't a difficult project. You can create your flier in a basic graphics program such as Paint. Paint is a fairly user-friendly program and thus is the perfect choice for the beginner or someone who doesn't want to spend a great deal purchasing a professional level program. Since most PCs come with Paint as part of Microsoft Office, it is normally easily accessible.

Brainstorm out ideas for your car show flier. Use paper and colored pencils or markers to sketch out your various approaches for your fliers design. Remember that you will need to include information on your flier like the types of cars that will be on display. You may wish to divide your flier into decades or models of cars. You may even want to highlight a particular owner who is bringing several cars from his collection to be placed on display. Use the drawing that you like best as a template to guide you as your create your actual flier.

Open Paint by choosing “Start” then “All Programs.” Select “Accessories” next and then “Paint.” Change the size of your flier in width and height by selecting “Image” and then clicking on “Attributes.” Plug in the numbers you need to fit the flier paper you will be printing on.

Use the tools to develop your design following the template you created earlier in the process. Select the “A” tool to add text to your flier. You can change the background to a color available in the color palette or you can create custom colors. If your intend to add graphics such as photos or clip art to your flier, you will need to open these images individually from where they are saved on your computer such as “My Documents.”

Save your final design as a high-resolution JPEG. Print your final design yourself or have it printed professionally by a print shop or an office supply store such as Staples or Kinkos.

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