How to Set Up Plug and Play TV Games

By Matt Koble

Updated September 22, 2017

Plug and play games typically feature standard red, yellow and white connectors.
i Philip Dyer/iStock/Getty Images

Plug and play games offer inexpensive alternatives to pricey consoles. The older games many include also take players on a trip down memory lane, or introduce a new generation to the classics.

Plugging In

Plug the three connectors at the end of your plug and play game to your TV's AV "in" ports. Do not plug them into ports labeled "out" as those are for outgoing signals. The ports are typically color coded with the yellow port used for video. The other two cover audio, with the white plug for left channel or mono, and the red plug for the right channel. If you're using a really old tv with only one audio plug, use the white one.


Plug and play games typically use AA batteries, but consult your game's box or manual for the type and number your game requires. Once the device has batteries, flip the device's "on" switch and play!