How to Rotate in Hospital Tycoon

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Updated September 22, 2017

"Hospital Tycoon," developed exclusively for PCs, is a simulation game that takes you into the world of health care management. The games controls on your keyboard are fairly straightforward, but if you've lost your manual, you might not know which keys do what. You can rotate items in "Hospital Tycoon"; you can also rotate the screen to change your view of the hospital.

Click on the item you want to rotate to highlight it. You can rotate any item you've purchased, including furniture and machinery.

Press the "Comma" button (,) to rotate the item. When you are satisfied with its position, click on the item again.

Right-click an area on the screen if you want to rotate the screen. Hold down the right-button and move your mouse left or right to rotate the view.


You can rotate items before you place them in a spot. Simply press the "Comma" button after purchasing the item to rotate it before positioning it somewhere.