How to Fix an Action Replay DS Blank Screen

By Nick Grimes

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Cotton swab

  • Rubbing alcohol

Action Replay DS is a cheat cartridge for Nintendo DS that allows users to modify the options and capabilities of their in-game characters. Using cheat codes downloaded from the Internet, players can adjust the amount of lives, adjust frequency of powerups, and even level structures themselves. If your Action Replay DS is displaying a blank white screen upon startup, it may be that the cartridge needs to be cleaned and the software updated. This is an easy process.

Remove your Action Replay DS and clean the gold contacts on the rear of the cartridge using a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Wait for the alcohol to dry before reinserting the cartridge.

Connect your Action Replay DS to the USB port of your computer using the USB cable. Insert the Action Replay into your Nintendo DS and turn the system on.

Boot up the Action Replay Code Manager software on your PC and press the "Software Upgrade" button in the upper left corner of the screen. Wait for the software to download, then press the "Software Upgrade" button again to transfer the updated software to your Action Replay DS.

Eject and remove the Action Replay DS from your computer and turn off your Nintendo DS.

Hold the "A" and "B" buttons of your Nintendo DS and turn the system on. When the startup screen is displayed, press and hold "Start" and "Select" until the next screen is displayed. Your Action Replay DS should restart with the updated software.


If the above steps do not fix your blank screen problem, your Action Replay DS may be broken. Contact Codejunkies, the distributors of Action Replay, to arrange a repair or replacement.


To prevent further blank-screen problems, only update codes using the Action Replay Code Manager software. Many errors are caused by incorrect use of the "Manual Code Entry" function.