How to Recover Lost Email Passwords

by Peyton BrookesUpdated September 28, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Active email account

  • Active alternate email account

  • Mail PassView recovery tool

Email is a popular and convenient communication tool. Many people have at least two email addresses to reduce spam to their private address. As a result, losing login information occurs frequently. You can download and install an email password-recovery tool. For online email services, most providers allow you to recover your lost email password online. You can also recover your business email password by contacting your system administrator.

Mail PassView Recovery Tool

Download and install Mail PassView. Visit and click “Password Tools“ in the left navigation menu. Click “Mail PassView” from the list and download and install the free software.

Extract the software. The software is packaged in a zip file. Right-click the folder and select “Extract all…“ Open the extracted folder when finished.

Execute the program. Double-click the “mailpv” icon. Click “Run” in the “Open File” dialog box. The program will automatically detect each email address and password stored to your computer.

Business Email Services

Contact your system administrator. If you have lost the password for your business email, your system administrator can reset or recover it for you. Contact your company’s help desk or system administrator and explain that you need your password reset or recovered. You may need to record a ticket number.

Open your desktop email client. Once you are in contact with someone who will reset your password, open your email program and enter your user name. Enter the new or temporary password provided by your system administrator.

Click “OK” or “Enter.” Once you have logged in, you may be prompted to change your password. Follow the instructions provided to complete the process.

Online Email Services

Visit the website of your email service provider. For example, if you use Gmail, enter into your Internet browser’s address bar. Hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Locate and click the “Forgot your password” link near the login area once you reach the website. This will open a new page so that you can enter your account information.

Enter your account information. On the reset password page, enter the requested information. If you remember your alternate email address, enter it in the appropriate text box. For example, enter This will send a link to reset your password to your alternate email address.

Click “Send” or “Reset Password.” You should receive instructions at the email address you provided. Open the email and review the information. If you agree, click the link provided. Most email service providers send you a temporary password to log in. Copy the password by selecting it in the email. Right-click the password and select “Copy” from the shortcut menu.

Log in to your account. Return to the email provider's website. Enter your user name in the appropriate text box. Right-click the password box and click “Paste” from the shortcut menu to enter the password into the password box.

Click “Continue” or “Log In.” You may be required to choose a new password. Select a password you can easily remember and continue to your in-box.


Create simple passwords you can easily remember. However, make them difficult for someone else to guess. For example, use your birthday as follows: j@nuaRYfour1996.


Never write down your password on paper. Writing down your password poses a security concern.


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