How to Remove the Virus Ctfmon.exe

By Thomas King

Updated September 15, 2017

Ctfmon.exe can slow your computer to a crawl.
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Ctfmon.exe is part of a virus that has been associated with the Satiloler, Satiloler.d, Satiloler.c, Satiloler.e and Snow viruses. While Ctfmon.exe is generally considered part of a virus, it can also work on its own to cause severe problems for your computer. These problems include slowing your computer, decreasing your available memory, changing your Internet and desktop settings and flooding your computer with unsolicited popup advertisements.

End Infected Processes

Press "Ctrl + Alt + Delete."

Click on the "Task Manager."

Click on the "Processes" tab.

Right-click on "Ctfmon.exe," and select "End Process."

Delete Infected Registry Keys

Click on the "Start" menu.

Click on "Run."

Type "regedit" into the open box and click "OK." The Registry Editor will open.

Locate the following registry key in the left pane of the Registry Editor and delete it. To delete a registry key, right-click on it and select "Delete."


Delete Infected Files

Click on the "Start" menu.

Click on "Search Files and Folders." Or, if using Windows Vista or Windows 7, click on the "Search Programs and Files" box.

Search for and delete any files that include the name "Ctfmon." Note that these files will likely have different file extensions. For example, Ctfmon.exe or Ctfmon.dll.