What Is an ACH File?

by Kara PageUpdated October 06, 2017
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An ACH file is a file with the extension .ach, which is most often associated with Medlin Accounting. It is commonly used by banks and may also be referred to as the "NACH" or "NACHA" format.


An ACH file is used by banks in the process of setting up automatic deposits of paychecks into the bank accounts of employees.


Software that supports the creation and opening of ACH files include ACH File Pro, Treasury Software's ACH Universal, and Brothersoft's Easy ACH File Creator.


ACH programs may give you the ability to view, edit, and validate ACH files. Other features may include creating batches for returns and dishonored returns, as well as notifications of change.


In order to optimize the memory and storage for ACH files, it is recommended that you run a free performance scan on your computer, as well as scanning your PC for outdated drivers that might cause other system malfunctions.


If you are trying to use or open an ACH file and an error message that says the ACH files cannot be opened, be sure you have identified a program that can open ACH files. If you have, your registry may be damaged, and it is recommended that you check your registry for file association errors.


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