How to Manually Remove the Runonce.Exe

By Nina Rotz

Updated September 28, 2017

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Runonce.exe or RunOnce is the Microsoft Run Once wrapper, available on all Windows computers. The program installs drivers and services at startup, when a computer is turned on or rebooted. A glitch results on occasion from RunOnce, where the program does not shut itself down and causes delays in the computer loading processes. You can disable auto-start programs and services, which will remove the pop-up window. Your computer will still function with all its programs and will load faster as RunOnce is no longer obligated to run.

Click on "Start" and select "Run" if you are using Windows XP. Click on the "Start Search" field in the Start menu if you are using Windows Vista or 7.

Type in "msconfig" into Run or the search field, depending on which Windows system you are using. Hit "Enter."

Click on the "Startup" tab. It is the last tab on the display dialogue.

Remove the check mark next to auto-start services you wish to disable. These services will still work but will not load at the time the operating system loads, also referred to as startup.

Click on "Disable All" if you want only the operating system to load without any auto-start services.

Click on "Apply" to confirm your changes.

Click on "OK" to close out the window.

Restart the computer.


The pop-up that appears on screen will show which runonce process is attempting to run. You can click and disable this specific auto-start process or you can disable all.