How to Load Paper in a Unisonic Adding Machine

By Keith Dooley

Updated September 26, 2017

Using a Unisonic adding machine.
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Unisonic used to make calculators like the mini adding machine--with a printer tape to keep track of what you were calculating. Unisonic adding machines are a little hard to come by anymore, but if you have come across one, you will need to replace the paper roll at some point.

Peel the beginning edge of the paper roll off of the rest of the roll. It will be lightly glued to the roll to keep it from unwinding.

Cut the end piece of the paper if it tears when you pull it off of the roll. You want the edge to be the same level all the way across so that it will feed into the machine easily.

Flip the paper holder bar away from the Unisonic adding machine and slide the paper roll onto the bar. You want the paper on the roll in a certain position. Make sure that when the loose edge of the roll is on the bottom, that it is facing in the direction of the machine so that you will be able to pull it toward the machine to feed it in.

Pull the lever up that is located near the paper slot in the back of the adding machine.

Take hold of the edge of the paper and feed it into the paper slot.

Put your finger on the paper roll-up knob and spin the knob toward the back of the machine. This will turn the rollers inside the machine and push the paper up. Stop turning when you see the paper come through and above the cutter.