How to Create Your Own Digital TV Channel

By Gary Huff

Updated September 28, 2017

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Creating your own TV channel used to be an expensive proposition. With the arrival of the Internet and streaming video, now creating your own digital TV channel can be free (or nearly so) if you have the right tools for the job. There are many different ways to go about creating your own channel, whether you are looking to stream live or merely upload content for viewers to watch one their own schedules.

Launch your web browser and create an account with the digital TV channel service that fits your needs. Many services offer you a way to create a channels that allow users to view whatever content you provide at their own convenience. If you're looking for a more conventional type of digital channel, some services offer tools that allow you to program your own content that is streamed live to your viewers.

Once your account has been created, setup the information regarding your channel, including the title and content synopsis.

Assemble the videos that you want to play on your channel. They can be of any format, though length may be determined by the video/streaming service that you signed up with. Make sure that the videos you want to broadcast contain content which you own the rights to. Broadcasting videos that you do not own the rights to is illegal.

Upload the videos you want to broadcast on your digital TV channel to your account. Be prepared for this process to take a while depending on the amount of material you will be broadcasting and the speed of your Internet connection.

Assemble the clips you uploaded into a playlist that will play the videos in the order you desire.

Use the "URL Link" provided in your account settings page to provide access through your digital TV channel's website, or to share with potential viewers.