How to Get Free Stuff in Diablo 2

By Nick Grimes

Updated September 22, 2017

You'll need powerful items to defeat Diablo II's later demons.
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Blizzard Software's PC and Mac game, Diablo II, has a huge and loyal fan base that continue to play the game faithfully years after its 2000 release. A thriving market has sprung up for Diablo II items, in which users can pay real-world currency for weapons, armor and magical items. However, you don't need to hand over real cash for in-game items. There's a secret level loaded with bonus items and loot, and a couple of tricks to double your most valuable items for added battling power or financial reward.

Secret Bonus Level

Beat the game on "Easy" difficulty level. Before embarking on "Normal" or "Hard," return to the Rogue Encampment.

Go to the Mage in the right corner of the town and buy a Tome of Town Portal.

From your Stash treasure chest, retrieve your Horadric Cube (which you received for completing the "Halls of the Dead" quest) and Wirt's Leg (gained by searching Wirt's body during the "Search for Cain" quest).

Place the Tome of Town Portal and Wirt's Leg into the Horadric Cube to transmute them. A portal will appear to a secret bonus level simply called the "Cow Level."

Defeat the attacking Cows, but do not kill the halberd-wielding Cow King. While the King remains alive, you can travel to this level as many times as you desire, gathering money and bonus items, then escaping through the portal.

Item Duplication (Single-Player)

Travel to an area populated with monsters.

Drop an item that you wish to duplicate, or wait until a monster drops one.

Activate a Town Portal near the item, then position your character so that the portal is between you and the item.

Left-click on the item to pick it up. Your character will step into the portal before she can pick up the item, but when you emerge from the portal, the item will be in your Inventory.

Return through the portal to pick up the original item. You now have two of the same items, one of which can be sold or kept as a spare.

Item Duplication (Multi-Player)

Fill your Quickslots with health and mana potions and go to an area free from monsters. Any Town Square will work.

Drop the item you wish to duplicate and walk a few steps away from it.

Left-click on the item to walk to it.

Move one of your Quickslotted potions into the play area by left-clicking and dragging with the mouse. Do not drop the potion yet.

Release the mouse button to drop the potion once your character has picked up the item. If you have timed it right, the potion will turn into a duplicate of your item, which you can now sell or trade with another player.


If you didn't find Wirt's Leg the first time you did the "Search for Cain" quest, return to Tristram and look in the northwest part of town for a dead body with a peg-leg. Search the body to recover Wirt's Leg.


Do not drop multiple duplicated items on the ground. The game will detect your trick and remove one of them.