How to Dupe in Diablo 2

By Bryan Roberts

Updated September 22, 2017

Diablo II is a RPG video game designed and distributed by Blizzard Entertainment for the PC. In the game, you create a player who travels through various towns and dungeons to combat the forces of evil. There are glitches in the game that allow you to create duplicates ("dupes") of items in both single-player and multi-player modes.

Duping in Single-Player Mode

Use a town portal item when outside of a town. This will create a portal to the town of your choice.

Move the item of your choice from your inventory and drop it on the ground, next to the portal.

Click the mouse button on your item. Hold the item with your mouse button and use the keyboard to move your character through the portal.

Check your inventory when you make it to the town. You should find that the item you were holding with the mouse button is in your inventory.

Re-enter the portal to return to your original location, and you will find an identical item next to the portal.

Duping in Multi-Player Mode

Fill up your belt with healing and mana potions while playing, and drop any item from your inventory on the ground.

Walk a short distance away from the item, then click on it with your mouse to begin walking back towards the item.

Once you are about to pick up the item, click on one of the potions in your belt.

Drop the potion you just clicked on. When it hits the ground, it should turn into the item you just picked up. If it does not work, repeat the process until you perfect the timing.


When duping in multi-player mode, do not leave two of the same item on the ground, as the game will remove one of the items.