How Do I Print a CD Song List?

By Kathryn Hatter

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Windows Media Player

  • Playlist

  • WMP Playlist (free software)

  • iTunes

  • Printer

  • Scissors

Print a CD song list using a free program that prints playlists.
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As you create a CD of music, often you also want a printed copy of the songs on the CD. If you burn your CD of songs using a playlist you create, you can print your playlist using iTunes or a free program designed to work with Windows Media Player. After you install the free program, it will detect the playlists you have on your computer. Simply select the desired playlist and print it with your printer.

Printing Windows Media Player Song Lists

Create a playlist of the songs you burned onto the CD if you have not already done so. Open Windows Media Player and drag songs to the right pane to create the playlist. Make sure you place the songs in the order in which you burned them onto the CD. Click “Save Playlist” and name your playlist to save it.

Visit to download the free software called WMP Playlist. Click “Download Software” to begin the download. Wait while the software downloads to your computer.

Double-click the .exe file on your computer and progress through the installation process to install the program on your computer.

Double-click on the program icon to open the program. Click “List All Playlists” at the top of the program screen. Wait while the list populates.

Select the playlist you wish to print by clicking it. Ensure you selected this playlist by looking at the field beneath “Selected Playlist.”

Turn your printer on.

Click “Label CD Case” to print the list onto paper complete with track numbers to the left of each song. Exit the program.

Cut the printed copy of songs with the scissors so it will fit into the CD case, if you desire.

Printing iTunes Song Lists

Open iTunes and select the playlist you want to print.

Click "File" and then "Print." View the drop-down menu that appears to see the different themes and printing options you can choose.

Select "Single Cover" if you want to place album cover art on your print-out. Next, select "Song Listing" to select specific tracks you want to print. Alternatively, choose "Album Listing" to print playlists by entire albums. Choose to add song names, lengths, artist names and album names or any combination of this information.

Click "Print." You can choose the default printing that sends the playlist immediately to your printer or you can print the song list as a PDF document by clicking the PDF button and saving the song list as a PDF document first.

Cut the printed copy of songs with the scissors so it will fit into the CD case, if you desire.