How to Use a Game Boy Player on GameCube

By Grahame Turner

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • GameCube and controller

  • Game Boy Advance Player and start-up disc

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Game Boy Advance and GameCube-Game Boy Advance link cable (optional)

  • Game Boy link cables (optional)

Game Boy Advance
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The Game Boy Player is a slick device that attaches to the base of a GameCube console and allows players to play all of their classic Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles on the same big screen as their GameCube titles. The accessory even allows players to choose between playing with a GameCube controller or using the Game Boy Advance as a controller.


Disconnect your GameCube from the power and video cables, and lift the console out into an area you can work on.

Flip the console over and locate the high speed connection port on the rear of the device. Remove the cover and set it aside.

Install the Game Boy Advance Player on the base of the console, inserting the post into the high speed connection port.

Tighten the adjustment screws using a flathead screwdriver.

Flip the console over and reconnect it to your TV and power.

Playing Games

Insert the start-up disc into the GameCube console as you would any other GameCube game.

Slide the game cartridge into the front of the Game Boy Player, label down. Push until it clicks into place.

Connect the GameCube controller, or attach a GameCube-Game Boy Advance link cable to a Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP and connect the other end to any open port on the GameCube.

Turn the GameCube console on. The title screen of the Game Boy game you've inserted will appear on screen, and you will be able to play the game using the controller or Game Boy Advance.

Use the directional pad or analog stick to move your character on screen, as you would the directional pad on the Game Boy Advance. Press the A and B buttons, or the L and R shoulder buttons, to perform the same in-game actions as they would on the smaller screen.

Access the Game Boy Player menu screen by pressing the Z trigger button. From here, you can change the frame style or screen size, as well as altering the screen filter. You can also choose from a few controller layout styles and set a timer to make a sound after a certain time. If you're finished with this game, you need to tell the system you're going to switch games at this menu before inserting a new one.


You can play multiplayer games by connecting the other Game Boy Advance consoles to the Game Boy Player through the EXT port on the front of the Game Boy Player. You can also use Game Boy wireless adapters by plugging them into the other consoles and attaching one to the EXT port on the Game Boy Advance Player.


The Game Boy Player will not play titles from the Game Boy Advance Video series. Otherwise, any game for the Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance will be fine.