How to Install XBox 360 Memory Cards

By Perry Piekarski

Updated September 22, 2017

The Xbox 360 memory unit lets you take your gamer profile wherever you go.
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Most video game consoles have done away with external memory cards in favor of hard drives that can hold more data. Although the Xbox 360 relies on a hard drive for game save data, external memory units (or memory cards) enable users to take their gamer profiles, their save data and their downloaded content with them.

Locate the memory unit slots on the front of the console. They're below the disc tray if your console is horizontal, or to its left if the console is vertical.

Insert the memory unit into the memory unit port with the side reading "Xbox 360" facing up toward the disc tray. Make sure it slides in all the way.

Access the memory unit by going to the "System" menu, selecting "Memory" and choosing your memory unit from the list. Here you can name your memory unit. You can also copy data and delete data from it.

Remove the memory unit only when it is not in use. Removing it from the console while copying, deleting or saving data to it can corrupt its contents. Power off your Xbox 360 when removing the memory unit to be sure you're not damaging its contents.