How to Get Different Local Channels on Dish Network

By Larry Amon

Updated September 22, 2017

Satellite TV
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Dish network is a satellite television provider. Dish network offers hundreds of channels in different packages at different price points. When you have Dish Network you also have to sign up separately to get your local television stations through Dish Network for a better signal and so that you won’t have to choose between an antenna and your satellite service. Some areas however, are not offered local channels because of legal reasons and so you can apply for local network channels from another region.

Contact Dish Network. You need to find out if they will provide your local channels. If they provide your local channels you can’t apply for different local channels from another area. In this case you can only sign up for your own local channels.

Apply for a waiver. If you have local channels but can’t get them you will have to apply for a waiver to get different local channels from another region. The waivers however, are almost always denied. You will have to apply several times.

Call Dish Network back often to check on the status of your waiver. You may still never get a waiver. Your best chance is if one of your network affiliated local station is too far away to be considered local to you. In this case you can sign up for different network carriers that are local to other regions.

Contact All American Direct. They work with Dish Network to provide other regional channels. If you do get permission to have different local channels, they will provide the service to get these channels. They will provide the equivalent network channels, such as ABC and CBS that are local to other areas.