How to find CEO contact information or ceo email addresses

By Contributor

Updated September 28, 2017

Finding ceo email addresses and contact information can be a challenge, especially if you are looking for email address of Fortune 500 companies or other very large businesses or corporations.

CEO email addresses are hard to find because corporate businesses try to protect their CEO's from abundance of unwanted emails. Instead of giving you CEO contact information, companies will give you email addresses of secretaries and customer service. This can be very annoying if you really want to contact a CEO by email personally.

Use pay for CEO email address and CEO contact info finders sparingly

There are services that claim to give you CEO email addresses and contact information for a relatively small fee. Be careful - often the CEO email address or contact info is outdated or wrong.

Try to at least use a service that lets you preview the results before purchasing. These services will let you run a CEO contact info search and give you a partial email address where you have to sign up for their service for the full email.

Find the name of the CEO through the corporate website

Large corporations often have a separate website with corporate and investor information. This may be a separate section of the product website that most people visit or a different website altogether. The corporate or investor relations website should give you the name of the CEO.

Run a search using the CEO's name

Run a Google, Yahoo or other online search with the company's name, the CEO's name and the words "+email" or "+contact" in the search box. The + indicates that you only want results that include that word or symbol. This may return you the email address or contact info of the CEO in question.

Work your way up the ladder

If searching online does not work, contact the secretary or other corporate contact given on the company website. Tell them you need the CEO's email address. They will usually not give you the contact information right away, but they will often give you the email address of someone else in the company. Keep contacting the emails you are given. Eventually you may get the CEO's email address.

Take an educated guess

If this doesn't work then try guessing the CEO's email address.

There are 2 ways to do this: (1) Address the email to Sometimes CEO's email addresses are simply "ceo". Even if this is not the ceo's main email address, it may still go through.

(2) Look at the format of the other company contacts and create a CEO email address based on this format. For example, if the secretaries all have email addresses in the format then follow this same format with the CEO's name.

Even if you guess the CEO's email wrong, many companies have a catch-all email system where any email that is sent to a wrong email address at their company goes to a central email location. From there, someone may see your email and forward it over to the CEO.


Keep trying. Contact the company by phone and email until you get the CEO's contact email or other information