How to Beat "Mario Forever" World 6 Level 2

By Nick Grimes

Updated September 22, 2017

Fast joystick skills aren't all you need for
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"Mario Forever" is a fan-made sequel to the Super Nintendo's "All-Stars" version of the original "Super Mario Brothers." The game takes the graphics and gameplay of that classic title and reworks them into a series of fiendishly difficult levels for advanced players. Some levels contain tests of dexterity or hand-eye coordination; others focus more on complex level puzzles. One example of the latter that has many players stuck is world 6-2, Pipe World.

Run past the bouncing Koopa Trooper and descend the first pipe you see.

Avoid or kill the flying Koopa Trooper and Spiny and pass through the horizontal pipe. Run right and stand under the second upward-facing pipe. Wait until the Piranha Plant has retracted into the pipe, then jump and press "Up" to ascend the pipe.

Drop directly down to fall into a safe space between two pipes. Jump up and to the left to reveal a secret block with a turnip in it. Get the turnip and jump back into the pipe you came from.

Kill the Spiny with the turnip and run until you reach a single waist-height block. Jump onto this block and leap up and over one block's distance to the right. This will reveal a secret block. Jump from this block onto the pipe in the top-left corner of the room. Descend this pipe.

Kill the Spiny and avoid the bouncing fireballs. Jump right over three pipes to reach a column of cannons. Avoid the Bullet-Bills and stand on the block above the left side of the pipe in the floor below. Jump to reveal three secret blocks extending left from the row of coins above you.

Jump onto the secret blocks and over the cannons. Run right through a passage with a low roof until you reach a pipe. Descend this pipe.

Defeat or avoid the three Hammer Brothers and run right. Jump across the two islands. These will descend as soon as you land on them, so move fast.

Run right and avoid the Spiny and flying Koopa Trooper. Jump across four more floating islands, all of which will descend when you land on them.

Avoid the two flying Koopa Troopers and run right until you reach a blue pipe partially enclosed by bricks. Jump up the stairway formed by the blocks and descend this pipe.

Run right until you reach the finish line.


Getting the Turnip in Step 3 is optional, but it will make the rest of the level much easier since Spinies cannot be killed by fireballs. If you want a challenge, let the turnip go, then jump onto the secret block and back into the pipe.