Terran Conflict Cheats

By Amber D. Walker

Updated September 22, 2017

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"X3: Terran Conflict" is an ambitious space simulation game where you play a starship captain out to make money and, eventually, save the galaxy from an alien invasion. It is, in many ways, a spiritual successor to the space trader game "Elite." Players trade goods, fight off pirates (or become pirates themselves), and eventually build an entire trade empire of computerized freighters, factories and space stations.

Enable Script Editor Cheat

Unlike many other games, "Terran Conflict" does not have cheat codes themselves. Rather, by entering a single code, you can be granted access to the game’s script editor. This interface provides you with all the tools you need to alter anything about the game world you like. Examples include altering the size of your bank account at a keystroke, increasing your fame throughout the galaxy instantly, or simply destroying whatever ship you happen to be looking at that moment.

To enable the script editor, dock your ship and go to the rename your pilot option in the game’s menu. Change the name of your pilot to “Thereshallbewings” and press "OK." If you did this successfully, then your name will not be altered, but the script editor will be enabled. If your name was actually changed, then you did something wrong. The most likely cause is misspelling the code.

Save and reload your game. There will now be an extra option in your menu for the script editor.

The Money Cheat

This cheat will increase your bank account in the game by 100,000 credits. You must have enabled the script editor cheat to use it.

Open the script editor and choose and name it "money script." Double-click the "New line" option under the code and choose "Trade Commands." Find the command named "Add money to player” and double-click it. In the Script Input dialog box, choose and then enter the number 100,000 and press "OK" until you are returned to the script editor.

Find your money script in the list of scripts, highlight it, and press "Enter." Do this as many times as you like to become an instant tycoon in the world of "Terran Conflict."

The Notoriety Cheat

Create a new script and name it “add notoriety.” Under General Object commands, choose the "add notoriety" command. In the first dialog box you are given, choose the select "race" option. Then select choose a race you wish to increase your notoriety with. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the second race argument, and press "Enter." This is the race who will receive the notoriety benefit, so you should select your own name in the list presented to you.

Finally, use the arrow keys to get to the “value” argument and press "Enter." Select the “number” option and enter the amount of notoriety you would like to gain.

Run the script using the same procedure as before.

You must have enabled the script editor cheat to use this cheat.