How Do You Unlock All Characters in "Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior" for SNES?

By James Holloway

Updated September 22, 2017

"Street Fighter II: The World Warrior" for the SNES brought the head-to-head action of the hottest arcade game of the 1990s home for the first time. Despite generally being a solid port, the game lacks some of the features that were found in later versions of the arcade game. Unlike its arcade contemporary, "Street FIghter II: Championship Edition," the console version does not allow players to use any characters other than the original eight World Warriors. However, it is possible for players to unlock alternate costumes and gain the ability to play a "mirror match," where each player controls a different version of the same character.

Unlocking Alternate Colors

Turn on the game and wait for the Capcom logo to appear. When it does, press the down arrow on the D-pad, followed by the right shoulder button, the up arrow, the left shoulder button, the "Y" button and then the "B" button. The Street Fighter logo screen should appear with a blue background instead of its normal black one. Select your character, but press "Start" to confirm selection rather than "A." The character will appear in a different-colored costume.

Unlocking Mirror Matches

Once again, enter this code when the Capcom logo appears. Choose "Vs" mode and you will find that both players will be able to choose the same character. If you press "Start" when selecting the characters, their costumes will be different. Press "A" to keep the regular costumes.