Kudos 2 Cheats

By Monica Dorsey

Updated September 22, 2017

There are several cheats for
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"Kudos 2" is a life-simulation game where you create a 20-year-old alter ego and decide his life path, balancing school and social life. With the ability to choose only one extra activity a day, making sure your alter ego is clean, happy and employed can become a challenge. But don't fret: The simple, menu-driven gameplay makes cheats a simple matter of tweaking the code.

Increase Starting Money

The alter ego starts with only a few dollars to his name. This can be fixed by changing the starting attributes. Go to the "Kudos 2" file on the computer; it is usually under “C:/.” Click on the "Data" file then on the text document "Config." A text document will come up. Look for “GV_startingcash = 120.00.” Change the number to whatever you want to increase your character's starting bank account. Save the file.

Maximize Money

During the game there are a variety of items to buy and sell. As in real life, used goods are worth less. You'll need Microsoft Excel to read the game file for this cheat, which allows players to turn any item into a valuable collectible. Start by clicking the "Kudos 2" game file on the computer. Then click "Data," then "Simulations," and open the "assets.cvs" file. An Excel table will appear. Find the "I" column labeled "Resell percentage." Pick a relatively expensive item like a car. Change the resell percentage to a high number like 1000. Save. An item can now be sold for 1000 times its original value.

Lower Price of Items

Instead of multiplying the amount of money the character has, this cheat creates a huge clearance sale. Manipulate the price of the items by going to "data\ simulation\ assets.cvs." Locate column "D." Column D gives the names of all the items. The number in column "J," labeled "Purchase," is the price of each item. For each row, whatever number is put in column "J" will change how much the item listed in row "D" costs in the game.

Change Mood

Your character's mood affects everything in the game. And losing a friend is one of the fastest ways to lose confidence and feel down in the dumps. This cheat will keep the character from falling into depression. Go to the "Kudos 2" folder then to the "data\simulation\scripts" directory. Find the "lost_a_friend" script. It will have the following:

ApplyEffect(loneliness,0.1,_LONELINESS_DEGRADE,lost a friend); ApplyEffect(happiness,-0.15,_HAPPINESS_DEGRADE,lost a friend); ApplyEffect(confidence,-0.12,_CONFIDENCE_DEGRADE,lost a friend); ApplyEffect(kudos,-0.06,_KUDOS_DEGRADE,lost a friend);

The second number in the list measures how quickly the character regains the attribute. The higher the number, the slower the emotion is regained. Change the negative number to a small fraction like .01 to restore positive feelings fast.

Free Ride

The cost of going to work every day can add up. To make long commutes more affordable try this. Open "Kudos 2" "data\ simulation" directory. Then open the "commute.csv" file. The first three variables after the .ogg filename are: maximum distance you can use this transportation method, the amount charged per mile of travel, the minimum charged for this method of transportation. Change the second two numbers to cheapen the fare. For example, change the amount charged per mile to zero and the minimum charged to zero and the character gets a free ride.