How to Program a Dish Network Remote to Control Your TV, VCR or DVD Player

By Editorial Team

Updated September 28, 2017

Control all components of your home theater system with your Dish Network remote.
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Dish Network universal remote controls can be programmed to control other compatible home entertainment devices such as your television, VCR or DVD player. This is accomplished by keying in a remote code for the specific brand of the device. Dish Network provides the remote control codes for certain brands of TVs, VCRs and DVD players. However, you can program your Dish Network remote to control these devices even if you don't have the remote code.

Turn on the television, VCR, DVD player you would like to control with the Dish Network remote. Find the user's guide for your Dish Network receiver. If you no longer have your Dish Network user's guide, you may be able to download it from using the receiver's model number. Device codes are typically found near the end of the user's guide. Find the specific remote codes for the brand of television, VCR or DVD player that you want to program your remote to control.

Press the mode button that corresponds to your device. For a DVD player, you can use "VCR" or "AUX." Hold the button until the other mode buttons light up. The mode button you chose will begin to flash. If you have chosen "AUX," press "0" to program an additional TV or "1" to program an additional VCR or DVD player. If you've chosen "TV" or "VCR," continue to Step 3.

Enter one of the three-digit remote codes listed for the brand name of your TV, VCR or DVD player. Press the "#" (pound) button to save the remote code. Press the blank power button at the top of the Dish Network remote control to turn off your TV, VCR or DVD player.

If the power button doesn't turn off the device, repeat Steps 2 and 3 with the remaining remote codes for your brand device. If none of the remote codes work, continue to Step 5.

Scan for device codes if your remote code isn't listed in your Dish Network user's guide. Press and hold the "TV," "VCR" or "AUX" button. If you select "AUX," press "0" for a TV and "1" for a VCR or DVD player, then press the "*" (star) key. If you're using the "TV" or "VCR" button, simply continue to Step 6.

When the other buttons light up and the mode button begins to flash, press the blank power button. Press the up or down arrow button repeatedly to try each remote code in the remote control's memory. When the blank power button turns off your device, press the "#" (pound) button to save the remote code in the Dish Network remote control.