Codebreaker Cheats for God of War II

By Nick Grimes

Updated September 22, 2017

You'll eventually have to fight the leader of the Greek Gods.
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"God of War 2," a PlayStation 2 mythological action game, pits grizzled hero Kratos against the might of Mount Olympus. The battle-scarred hero employs weapons, magic and the power of time to fight battles, solve puzzles and eventually take on Zeus himself in one-on-one combat. The game gets pretty tough later on, so it's fortunate the popular Code Breaker cheat device has a few codes to help you along. These codes require V7 or later of the Code Breaker hardware, and a compatible USB drive.

Enable Codes

For any code to work, you must first activate this enabling code:

B4336FA9 4DFEFB79 CBF150D9 63C74254 B763009E 9D56D4BD 430073DB 4A53EFD6

Infinite Health and Magic

In Kratos' quest, he'll fight numerous battles that sap his health. The best way to get through these fights is often with magical spells and items, but these can be depleted when the Magic bar runs low. To make yourself invulnerable to attack with unlimited health, enter:

BC06333C 8574EAA9 810E052C 0934BEAC

To give yourself unlimited magic, so any spell can be used as many times as you please, enter:

9402C19F 64682683

Movement and Attack Codes

"God of War 2" features imany secret and hidden areas. Some are hidden at great heights, requiring the use of hidden ladders, climbing walls or teleports to reach. But you can get to them more easily by entering the following code:


This will allow Kratos to double-jump as many times as he wishes without touching the ground. It effectively turns the simple jump into the ability to fly. A similar code will extend Kratos' fighting power immensely. Enter this code to extend the amount of hits available within a combo to its limit:


Powers and Relics

Kratos is a fearsome fighter on his own, but you won't get far in "God of War 2" without more enhanced tools and abilities. These can be yours from the start by entering:

F0A51395 178D204E

Speed Codes

The game's speed can be altered with Code Breaker codes. You'll get an edge in time puzzles, make slower sequences far more frenetic, and bypass the more tedious patches of the game. Enter the following code to make Ultra Hyper Speed available with a press of "L1" and the "Up" arrow:

0501B481 45289DB9 169CDE13 8392F4F5

To slow down to Hyper Speed, press "L1" plus the "Right" arrow after entering:

FC079364 B37604FF 2DF3D7FE BD77CC2D

"L1" plus the "Down" arrow will return the game to normal speed after inputting this code:

FC18F006 FD2791F9 F71C1730 C7222011

And finally, to go down to slow motion, press "L1" and the "Left" arrow after inputting:

254B5E05 C5CDF8E0 F71C1730 C7222011