How to Connect My Wii to My Computer Wireless

By John Leonard

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • High-speed Internet connection

  • Wireless router or Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector

Connecting your Nintendo Wii to your computer’s wireless network opens up a wide range of new gaming possibilities. You can download channels such as the Check Mii Out channel, which lets you download custom Miis. You also can purchase WiiWare or Virtual Console games from the Wii Shop Channel to try new games without leaving the couch. You can even browse the Web on the Internet Channel.

Connecting Via Wireless Router

Connect to your computer’s pre-existing Wi-Fi network by accessing the “Internet Settings” menu. Select the “Wii” icon from the main menu, then choose “Wii Settings,” then scroll to the second page of options and click “Internet.”

Select “Connection Settings” and choose the first available connection (it should be Connection 1 if you’ve never hooked up your Wii to the Internet before).

Select “Wireless Connection,” then click “Search for Access Point.” Wait as the Nintendo Wii finds available wireless networks.

Select the appropriate wireless network from the list. If you don’t know your connections, SSID or any applicable encryption keys, refer to your router’s documentation on how to access the information.

Click “OK” and then “OK” again to finalize and test the connection.

Connecting Via Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector

Purchase a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector if your home only has a wired high-speed Internet connection.

Install the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector software onto your computer and plug the device into an available USB port.

Access the “Internet Settings” menu on your Nintendo Wii, select “Connection Settings” and choose the first available connection.

Select “Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector,” then click "Next."

Return to your computer and double-click the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector icon in the lower right corner of your screen. Find your Nintendo Wii on the list of available devices and click “Grant permission to connect.”

Return to your Nintendo Wii and click “Next,” and then “OK” to finish establishing the connection.


The Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector must be plugged in and the computer powered on whenever you wish to access the Wii's online features.