How to Sync a Wireless Guitar With Rock Band for Xbox 360

By Rick Paulas

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • "Rock Band" video game

  • Wireless guitar

  • Xbox 360

  • 3 AA batteries

i band isolated image by Alexey Klementiev from

"Rock Band" is a band simulation video game for a variety of platforms, including the Xbox 360. The game comes with a set of drums, a guitar and a microphone, though some people prefer to use a different wireless guitar when they play. Most wireless guitars work flawlessly with the game, but every now and then, you may need to sync up the guitar to make sure it plays properly.

Put the three AA batteries into the wireless guitar. Plug the wireless signal receiver (it will come with the guitar) into the USB port on the Xbox 360.

Turn on your Xbox 360 and start the "Rock Band" game. By the time you get into the game, it will have recognized your new wireless guitar.

Press the white button on the guitar and hold it until the lights on the side turn on. This means the guitar is now on.

Press the sync button on the Xbox console. It's a round button on the front of the machine to the right of the memory slots. While it is syncing, press the "Sync" button on your guitar controller. After a few seconds, the controller will be synced with the console. A green ring of light should form around the port that the guitar is synced with.