How to Find Local Over the Air TV Channels

by Greyson FergusonUpdated September 28, 2017
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Items you will need

  • TV

  • TV remote

  • Cable/Satellite service or Antenna

If you want to view local programming, you don't need expensive cable or satellite service. Instead you can use a simple antenna. Regardless of how you receive your television signal all local over-the-air TV stations are below channel 70 no matter where you are in the country. Finding the local channel can vary, but you don't need to punch in every station number below 70 to find the programming.

Power on your television. If using a satellite/cable receiver bring up the TV guide information. Look for FOX, PBS, CBS, NBC and ABC under the station number. The exact number varies depending on your location; however. these are all local channels. If you are curious about other stations, such as local access programing, scroll through to program listing to highlight a specific station, then press the "Info" button on your remote. The information about the channel appears and states if it is local or not.

Push the "Menu" button on your TV remote if using an antenna to gain access to programming.

Select "Television" then choose "Channels." In the channel option select "TV Scan." The television will scan all of the stations you receive with your antenna.

Flip through the stations on your TV remote after the scan has finished. Every station that appears now is a local over-the-air TV channel

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