How Do You Go to Endless Tower in Ragnarok Online?

By Launie Sorrels

Updated September 22, 2017

"Ragnorak Online," aka "The Final Destiny of the Gods" or "RO," allows a user to create a customizable virtual character that can partake in adventures to exotic places. A party of five players is recommended for the Tower. Although going in solo is possible, the player would not be able take out all the enemies and there is no way a single player could complete the Tower in the four hour time limit. The purpose of going into the Endless Tower is to get to skill level 100 and defeat the final boss, Entweihen Knothen. If this is accomplished, a secret room will appear.

Talk to Captain Janssen. He is located in Alberta. If you cannot find him you are on a server that does not have the Endless Tower quest. You will have to move to a different server to complete this quest.

Agree to be Captain Janssen’s first mate. He will warp you to the island where the Endless Tower is located.

Speak to the Tower Protection Stone. Only the party leader can perform this action. An "instance" will be created for your party to enter.

Enter the instance. You must do this within 5 minutes or the instance will close. You have 101 floors to get through within the time limit.


You must kill all the monsters on each level to advance to the next level.

Every fifth level will have MVPs (super powered foes).