How Do I Know What Wii Model I Have?

By Derek Smith

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Nintendo Wii console

  • Nintendo Wiimote

  • Television

i Video game controller image by Christopher Meder from

The Nintendo Wii gaming system revolutionized video games with his unique motion-sensitive controllers. Finding the model and firmware version for your Nintendo Wii console can be helpful if you ever need to troubleshoot your system. It's easy to find this information if you walk through the following steps.

Turn on your Nintendo Wii. There is no way to determine the model or firmware version of your Wii from the outside or inside of the console; you must connect the console to your television and power up the unit.

Navigate to the Wii Options menu. On the main menu, look to the lower left corner and select Wii Options.

Navigate to the Wii Settings menu. Once you are on the Wii Options menu, you will see two options. Select the Wii Options menu located on the left.

Locate the version number. On page one of the Wii Options menu, the version number for your Nintendo Wii will be listed on the top right of the screen. The version number will be two numerals and one letter. The numbers tell you what firmware version you're running; the letter tells you what country your Wii was manufactured for.


If you are searching for your Wii model in order to modify your system, Nintendo checks for and removes any unauthorized files. When these files are removed, it could prevent your Wii from functioning.