How to Kill Zombie Jake in Divine Divinity

By Mara Shannon

Updated September 22, 2017

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Zombie Jake is one enemy in “Divine Divinity” who just won't stay dead. There are three separate locations where you can kill him: two in Aleroth and one in the Pauper's Graveyard. Although Jake is a big challenge for a character just starting out, he stays the same level throughout the game. The longer you play, the easier it will be to defeat him. Depending on your level, if you kill him all three times, you'll earn more than 37,500 experience points and one reputation point.

Find the key to Zombie Jake's house in the graveyard on the north side of Aleroth. This key unlocks his house directly to the south.

Enter the house and move the packages covering the hatch. Go down the hatch and break the vase to release Zombie Jake. Kill him for more than 10,000 experience points. Save your game before you do this--if you find you're not strong enough to kill him, come back later.

Move the flowers from Jake's wife's grave to his grave (which specifically requests “No flowers, especially not from my wife”). Zombie Jake will become angry and rise from the grave; kill him at this point. You'll receive more than 10,000 experience points.

Enter the Pauper's Graveyard, located south of the Barracks. You'll see Zombie Jake kidnap a woman, Elora, and drag her underground. He'll also summon a bunch of corpses to keep you busy.

Click on one of the pits in the middle of the graveyard to enter the Catacombs. You'll have to fight through more corpses to reach Jake.

Kill Zombie Jake, then talk to Elora, who will apologize for not having a reward for you. Whether you're polite or rude, you'll earn 17,500 experience points and one reputation point.


If you want to loot Elora's house, do it before you rescue her from Zombie Jake.

All of the other corpses die when you kill Zombie Jake, so if you want to gain maximum experience, clear out the west, north and south to southeast sides of the Catacombs before moving toward the northeast corner.

Using a ranged weapon against Zombie Jake is especially helpful for lower-level characters, as Jake moves slowly enough for you to hit and then run while staying out of reach of his attacks.