How to Convert CD Music to WAV

by David Michael LordUpdated September 22, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Computer with Internet

  • Converter software

Digital music is available in a multitude of formats. Most modern media players can play most of the formats, i.e., MP3 and WMV. However, if you need WAV files for a specific purpose, in most cases you need a piece of software called a converter, which allows you to go from your source file to a WAV file in a matter of minutes. WAV (waveforms) are uncompressed audio bit streams used mostly in commercial computing, video or audio, where 16 bits per sample at 44,100 samples per second are necessary. An example of this would be mastering a music CD.

Insert your CD into the CD tray and wait for the pop-up window. Select "Rip" music, using Windows Media Player, or "Burn/Transfer" using Real Player, for instance.

Install music conversion software and restart before converting any songs. AVS makes two products called AVS Audio Converter and Audio Editor, both of which can convert file formats to WAV. You can use free shareware and online services as an alternative.

Open the conversion software or web page. Select the button that says "Add file" or "Browse." Select the CD music you would like to convert to WAV. Most converters are able to accept nearly all source formats, but always read the specs before using a converter to be sure it accepts your file format.

Select the "Edit, Review, or Trim" button. A new window opens, allowing you to edit the source file using features such as volume and bass boost, reverb, fades in and out and others.

Along the top of most converters you find several buttons: MP3, AVI, M4A, WAV. Select WAV as the file conversion target.

Select the "Convert" button. Play the new file to be sure there are no digital skips.


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