How to Delete on an iPhone

by Erika Duncan BryantUpdated September 28, 2017

The iPhone is a phone, iPod and Internet device all in one, according to Apple. With the touch screen display the iPhone can seem overwhelming at first glance; but on the contrary, the iPhone is simple to use. All functions, such as email, phone log, and text messages have slightly different ways to delete things. Deleting things from the iPhone just takes a little getting used to, but is fast and easy once you know learn the phone.


Access your email by clicking the "Mail" icon on your screen. The location of the "Mail" icon can vary, since you can rearrange the application icons. By default, the "Mail" icon is on the bottom right of the main screen.

Delete individual messages by swiping your finger from left to right on the particular email message you wish to delete. After you swipe the email, a red "Delete" icon will appear on the right side of email you are trying to delete.

Press the red "Delete" icon that appeared after swiping. That one email message will disappear.

Press the "Edit" button at the top right of the list of emails, to delete multiple emails at one time.

Select the emails you wish to delete by simply pressing on them once. You may choose as many emails as you wish. Once a particular email has been selected it will be indicated by the appearance of a red circle, containing a check-mark, to the left of the message.

Press the "Delete" icon at the bottom left of the email screen to delete the emails you have selected. Next to the word "Delete" you will also see the number of emails that have been selected to be deleted.

Call Log

Access your call log by pressing the "Phone" icon. The default location is on the bottom left of the home screen.

Click the "Recents" tab at the bottom of the screen to review the recent call logs. You can choose to view all calls or only missed calls.

Click "Clear" at the top of the call log. Confirm your choice to clear the log by pressing the red "Clear All Recents" icon that appears.

Text Messages

Access your text messages by clicking the "Messages" icon. Default location for messages is on the top left of the home screen.

Choose to delete a text message log by swiping across the individual's name. Confirm the choice by pressing the red "Delete" icon that appears after swiping a particular person's name.

Delete a specific message from a text conversation by first clicking on the person's name.

Click "Edit" on the top right of the screen. "Edit" will appear directly next to the individual's name on the text log.

Select the message, or messages, you wish to delete by pressing on it once. A red icon with a check-mark will indicate which messages you wish to delete.

Confirm your desire to delete the specific message by pressing the "Delete" button. This button will be found at the bottom left of the page.


If you are still having trouble deleting items from your iPhone, visit a local Apple store for help from the Genius Bar. The Genius Bar can help you with any iPhone problem. You can make a reservation for the Genius Bar on the Apple website.

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