How to Get All the Characters on Mario Kart for Wii

By Andrea Reuter

Updated September 22, 2017

"Mario Kart Wii" features 16 new race tracks and 16 classic, or retro, courses from earlier "Mario Kart" games. At the beginning of "Mario Kart Wii," you can race with 12 popular Nintendo characters, including Mario, Luigi and Donkey Kong. By winning races in single-player Grand Prix mode and completing the Time Trials, another 12 characters can be unlocked as racers. Each character is classified as small, medium or large, and his size determines the vehicles he can use in races.

Grand Prix

Place first in the 50cc Star Cup to unlock King Boo.

Finish the 50cc Lightning Cup in first place to gain Diddy Kong as a playable character.

Place first in the 100cc Leaf Cup to unlock Dry Bones.

Finish the 150cc Special Cup in first place to unlock Daisy as a racer.

Earn a ranking of one star or better in each of the eight 50cc cups to unlock Baby Daisy.

Gain one star or better in each of the Banana, Shell, Leaf and Lightning Cups on 100cc to unlock Bowser Jr. as a racer.

Earn one star or better in each of the eight cups in 150cc to gain Dry Bowser as a playable character.

Get one star or better in each of the eight Mirror Class cups to unlock Rosalina.

Time Trial

Play 16 different courses in Time Trial to unlock Birdo.

Race on all 32 Time Trial courses to gain Toadette as a playable character.

Unlock the expert staff ghost on four of the Time Trial courses to gain Funky Kong as a racer.

Unlock eight expert staff ghosts to get Baby Luigi as a playable character.


You can also unlock Rosalina by racing 50 times in "Mario Kart Wii" when you have a save file for "Super Mario Galaxy" on your Wii.

Mirror Class is unlocked when you place first in each of the eight cups in 150cc.

Expert staff ghosts are unlocked by completing Time Trial courses with particularly good times; the exact time varies from course to course, but it is generally 3 to 6 seconds faster than the normal staff ghost time.