How to Lock a Linksys Router on WiFi

By Stephen Lilley

Updated September 28, 2017

If you're using a Linksys router to broadcast a wireless Internet computer network, you're going to want to lock it down with a password. This will make sure that your neighbors won't be able to connect to your network and steal the precious bandwidth you pay your Internet service provider for on a monthly basis. You can lock your Linksys router down using the appropriate settings utility, which is accessible through your web browser.

Open your web browser.

Go to "" This is the URL of your Linksys router's settings utility.

Sign in using the router's user name and password. You assigned this information yourself when you initially set up the browser.

Click "Wireless," then "Security."

Click on the drop-down menu you see on screen and select "WEP." This is a form of encryption for the wireless signal on your router. Type a word or phrase into the box below and click "Generate." This will turn the word or phrase you have selected into an encrypted password. Write down the password that is generated, as you will immediately need it to connect to your wireless network. When you're finished, click "Save." Your Linksys router (and the wireless network it broadcasts) are now locked down.