Helicopter Cheats for Vice City Stories on PSP

By Grahame Turner

Updated September 22, 2017

Helicopters are a boon to any criminal on the go in the GTA series. Fortunately, even portable thugs have options in "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories" for the PSP, as there are a number of helicopters waiting to be used for either sightseeing or more nefarious deeds. Most of them can be acquired by legal means--well, as legal as the game usually is. Although it's possible to cheat to get yourself off the ground--and for the other helicopters, there are a few hints on places to look.

Cheat Device

The only way to cheat your way into a helicopter is by hacking your game file. See Resources for information on the Cheat Device, which will allow you to do things like spawn a helicopter or make your cars fly. The installation instructions on this device is included on the website. Note that use of this program is not endorsed or supported by Rockstar or Sony, and may cause damage to your save file and possibly to your PSP.

Finding Helicopters

By exploring the city well, you may stumble onto a couple of helicopters simply parked and waiting to be "borrowed." For example, check out the hospital on the Eastern island, where you will find a medevac helicopter waiting to be taken--either for a jaunt around town, or for some air rescue missions. Alternately, there is one parked at the Police Station in Washington Beach, also on the East island. This helicopter might well help you in the mission "Turn Off, Tune In, Bug Out," as it will help you get from one police station to the next relatively unhindered.

Little Willie

The Little Willie is a gyrocopter, it holds one passenger and has a forward-mounted uzi installed. There are a couple of places to find the aircraft. There is one parked in the Little Haiti junkyard, relatively unguarded, or you can buy the other one. Complete the "From Zero to Hero" mission, and you'll unlock a safehouse called the Clymenus suite. On the roof, there's a helipad, which, for $5000, you can load up with your own Little Willie. If you need some extra cash fast, you can input the cheat code "Up," "Down," "Left," "Right," "X," "X," "L," "R."

Unlockable Hunter Helicopter

Only after reaching 100 percent completion on the game, you can unlock a Hunter military helicopter, which has rockets and a machine gun installed on it. You can activate them by pressing the "Square" button, or the "X" and "Circle" buttons together. The Hunter is located at Escobar airport, to the left of the building with the ticket counters. You'll spot a "Plummet" airplane parked on the runway. Run to the end of the runway and head East, where you'll find the green military chopper waiting.