How to Download Movies on a Laptop Computer

By Alexander Abbott

Updated September 28, 2017

i holding laptop image by Adam Borkowski from

In today's age of rapid technological advances and an endless supply of video content on the web, it has become easier than ever to watch a movie from the comfort of your computer screen. Whether you are looking for a comedy, action/adventure, horror film or a "chick flick," downloading movies and watching them on your laptop computer is a simple process.

Turn on your computer and make sure you are connected to the Internet. High-speed Internet connections are favorable for downloading movies, which are often large files that can take a long time to download. Open a browser window--you can use Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or any other browser of your choice.

Navigate to web service, which will allow you to download movies that can be watched on your laptop. You can go to to download iTunes, which will allow you to register for an account and download movies at a particular price. You can also use to download or stream movies to your laptop.

Choose the movie that you would like to watch and, in iTunes or, purchase the film. Be aware that these online services do not have every movie that has ever been made, and most likely will not have obscure titles. Once you have chosen the movie that you wish to download, complete the payment process to purchase the film. Movies can be downloaded for free on various websites, however, this is illegal and can result in expensive legal suits.

Wait for your movie to download. Download times will vary depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Once the download has completed, you can open the movie file and watch it on your laptop.