How Do I Play Eboot Games on My PSP?

By Joshua Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

Custom firmware is software created by users that runs certain electronic products, such as the Sony PlayStation Portable. Running custom firmware on your PSP allows you to access many new features. One of those is playing PlayStation games in the form of an eboot file.

Creating an Eboot

Download and install the two programs listed in the Resources section: IsoBuster and PSX2PSP.

Insert a PlayStation game disc into your computer's optical drive. Open IsoBuster; you will see the PlayStation game on the left menu. Right-click the game and click "Extract CD Raw." A new window will appear; it will let you select a place to save the game files. Click "Save" to verify the location.

Browse to where the game files were saved and add ".ISO" to the end of the file name. The file name should be "XXXX.BIN.ISO".

Open PSX2PSP and click the "ISO/PBP File" browse button. Look for your BIN.ISO file. Select it and click "Open" to load it. Click the "Output Folder" browse button and select a place to save the eboot file. Click "Save" to verify the location and click the "Convert" button.

Saving the Eboot on the PSP

Turn on your PSP and insert your USB cable into the USB port.

Connect the other end of the USB cable to your computer. A window will appear allowing you to see the files on your PSP's Memory Stick. Open the "PSP" folder, then the "GAME" folder.

Locate your eboot file on your computer and move it into the "GAME" folder on your PSP.

Disconnect your PSP from the computer and navigate to the game menu. You will see your new game; run it by pressing the "X" button.


It is illegal to create or use eboot files of games that you do not own.