Empire Earth Multiplayer Cheats

By Timothy Baron

Updated September 22, 2017

Empire Earth: conquer the world through your laptop
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"Empire Earth" is a real-time strategy game with lasting appeal to the online multi-player community. Similar to other RTS games, game play focuses on resource collection, research and strategic deployment of troops. Most often, the goal is to eliminate your competition through military suppression. Although cheat codes do not work during the main campaign, it is possible to use them during multi-player sessions. Most cheats involve receiving resources and seeing parts of the map currently hidden by the fog of war. It should be noted, though, that many communities discourage the use of cheating and will ban users who employ these codes. Before cheating in a multi-player game, make sure your server approves of them.

Resource Acquisition

You can get 1,000 of any resource by typing in the following codes. First press "enter," type in the code, and then press "enter" again.

1,000 Gold: atm 1,000 Food: boston food sucks 1,000 Wood: you said wood 1,000 Rock: rock&roll 1,000 Iron: creatine

Reveal Map

Normally, must of the screen is blacked out to represent your civilization's lack of information about the surrounding area. If you want to see everything, including the placement of enemy troops and the locations of resources, use the following code. First press "enter," type "asus drivers" (minus the quotation marks) and then press "enter" again.

Refill Mana

Every unit has a discreet amount of mana which is depleted when you use a special ability. You can restore the mana of any unit by selecting it, pressing "enter," and then typing in "i have the power" (minus the quotation marks).

Make the Game Harder

Alternatively, you can use cheats to weaken yourself and make the game more of a challenge.

Lose Gold: boston rent Lose Wood: uh, smoke? Lose Food: slimfast Lose the Game: ahhhcool