Police Games for PS2

By Lex Hubbard

Updated September 22, 2017

A Police Car
i police car up close image by Aaron Kohr from Fotolia.com

Most people have heard of games like "Grand Theft Auto" that allow you to play as a criminal, but what about games where you act as law enforcement and prevent crimes. These games do exist and there is no shortage of them for the PlayStation 2. You can prevent drug deals, robberies and other crimes either as a squad or by yourself.

Police 911

"Police 911" was first released in Japan under the name "The Keisatsukan." It was originally an arcade game. Later it came out, with the name changed, in Europe and America for the PlayStation 2. You play a loner cop with a vengeance for criminals. You’ll hunt, kill, or arrest members of organized crime, corrupt politicians and regular thugs. It takes place all over the world in cities like Tokyo and Los Angeles. You must use your weapons as well as your brains to locate and apprehend the worst criminals of the world.

True Crime: Streets of LA

This game allows you to play as a Dirty Harry type character named Nick Kang. He is a rouge cop that has recently been relieved of his duties, but he still works on stopping crimes. It is a free roaming game throughout the city of Los Angeles. It is not linear. You can choose different missions or you can just go around the city arresting petty criminals. You can walk the streets, engage in car chases, and blow things up.

Max Payne

Max Payne is an undercover cop in New York City. His family has been recently murdered and it is up to you solve the crime. You’ll play as Max in the third person and engage in shootouts with the seedy underbelly of New York organized crime. This is one of the first games to feature bullet time, which is a slow motion mode that lets you dodge bullets. The action is similar to a John Woo film. This game is extremely popular. It led to multiple sequels and a major motion picture.

Rainbow Six 3

"Rainbow Six 3" was released for the PS2 in March 24th of 2004. It is a continuation of the Rainbow Six series that started on the PC. Based on the Tom Clancy novel, it allows you take on a squad of highly trained tactical officers in counter terrorist missions. You make the plan of attack and then execute it without allowing the loss of any officers or hostages. You get to use a range of weapons including sub-machine guns and assault rifles. However, this game is more realistic than other shooter types. You cannot get shot much before you will die, and your enemies won’t take many bullets either. That’s why planning is important, your greatest weapon is the element of surprise.

Resident Evil 4

In this game you play as Leon a former cop who now works in government ops. You’ll be assigned the task of rescuing the daughter of the president from a corrupt cult with aspirations to take over the world. It plays like a zombie game, but it does not contain any zombies. Instead it is full of possessed cult members who constantly attack. This third person shooter is one of the top rated games of all time. It has excellent gameplay, cool weapons, and a compelling story.