How Do I Download a DVD Onto My Laptop?

By Meaghan Ellis

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Non-copyright protected DVD

  • CD-ROM drive

CD-ROM drive
i DVD image by Jose Juan Castellano from

Downloading DVDs to a laptop is relatively easy, and you don't have to have special DVD software to do so. Files can be copied and downloaded directly from the DVD's direct file folder location once the DVD is inserted into the computer. Although the full downloading process varies based on the size of the DVD's files, the actual procedure is not complicated.

Insert the DVD into the laptop's CD-ROM drive compartment.

Click the "Start" button. Click the "Computer" or "My Computer" (depending on your operating system) folder tab to access Windows Explorer.

Right-click the "DVD Drive (D:)" tab below the "Devices with Removable Storage" section of the Windows Explorer screen.

Select the "Explore" option in the collapsible menu that will appear. A new window will open and display all of the DVD's contents and files.

Drag your mouse over all of the files in the new window to highlight each of the DVD's content files. Right-click the highlighted files and select the "Copy" action.

Open the file folder location where you want to download the files to your computer.

Right-click inside the folder and select the "Paste" action to download the DVD's files to your laptop's hard drive. When the elapsed download time estimator disappears, this will be your indication that the download process is complete.


If you cannot download the DVD with these steps, you may need to incorporate a DVD ripping software (see Resources).


Downloading the DVD to your computer may be rather easy, but playback may be problematic, depending on the type of media player you have. In most cases, the DVD's files will need to be converted for successful playback on the computer. (See Resources for a list of converters.)

If the DVD has copyright-protected content, you may not be able to download its files to your computer's hard drive.