How to Activate the Teleporters in Divine Divinity

By Mara Shannon

Updated September 22, 2017

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There are a number of teleporters in “Divine Divinity” that will allow you to travel quickly across the game's very large map. You will have to activate each teleporter, however, before you can use it and the teleporter scrolls belong to a number of different races whose members won't immediately trust you. When you meet Zandalor on the road out of Aleroth, he'll give you a map showing where each of the teleporters is located and to which races they belong. To activate each teleporter, click on it with the proper activation scroll in your inventory.

Activate the mages' teleporters near Aleroth, the Graveyard and Ars Magicana using the mages' scroll that Zandalor gave you.

Go to the Dwarven Bread Inn. You'll find a dwarf named Krasnegar in the back room, who will offer you a gem. If you refuse the offer, he'll leave the room and you can pick up the dwarven teleporter scroll from the table. If you don't get it from Krasnegar at the Dwarven Bread Inn, he'll eventually leave to deliver it to the Dwarven Village and you can pick it up from the mayor's house there. Activate the dwarves' teleporters near the Dwarven Forest, Dwarven Village, Dwarven Bread Inn and Dwarven Halls.

Find an escort for the healers by talking to General Alix in the Barracks. The healers will arrive at the Blue Boar Inn. Talk to Goemoe there and tell him that Zandalor gave you the mages' teleporter scroll; he'll trust you enough to give you the lizards' scroll. Activate the lizards' teleporter in the Verdistis Sewers.

Talk to Elredor in the Archers' Guild (to the southwest of Rivertown) to get the teleporter scroll of the elves. Activate the elves' teleporters near the Archers' Guild, Elven Ruins and Burial Grounds.

Deliver General Alix's message to Captain Mitox in the Ravaged Village (southeast of the Barracks). He'll give you the humans' teleporter scroll. You can find an alternate human scroll in the Cursed Abbey, in the room with the Engineer. Activate the humans' teleporters near the Warrior's Guild, the Destroyed Village, the Barracks, the Cursed Abbey, the Farmlands and Verdistis.

Defeat the Orc Chief, Baluk, southeast of Rivertown. He'll drop a key that opens the chest with the orcs' teleporter scroll. (You can get into the chest without the key if you have level 3 lock-picking skills.) Activate the orcs' teleporter at the Orc Camp.

Go to the Dark Forest (southwest of the Archers' Guild). The teleporter scroll of the imps is located in the north of the castle dungeon, which you'll enter during your second quest to become a member of the Warriors' Guild. Activate the imps' teleporter at the imps' Deserted Castle.