How Do I Get to Frantic Factory on Donkey Kong 64?

By Greg Lindberg

Updated September 22, 2017

i black video games controler or games pad image by Warren Millar from

Donkey Kong 64 is a platform action and adventure game for the Nintendo 64 that allows players to play as characters from the popular Donkey Kong video game series in a three-dimensional environment. In the game you must visit various islands to complete missions in each level to ultimately defeat the boss, King K. Rool, and retrieve a hoard of bananas. The third level in the game is Frantic Factory, which can be reached via a warp pad on K. Rool’s island.

Complete Level 2, the Angry Aztec level, with any character to earn the key after defeating Dogadon. This key will give you access to Frantic Factory.

Walk over to K. Rool’s island and jump up onto the raised platform by pressing the “A” button. Jump up onto the walkway next to the platform.

Continue walking up the circular walkway until you reach the fourth warp pad. Jump onto the warp pad and press the “A” button. This will also save the entrance to Frantic Factory for later use in the game.

Walk up the stairs to the lobby of Frantic Factory. Make sure that you have at least 15 bananas to get past the B. Locker guard and then walk up to him. Watch the cut scene or skip it by pressing the “Start” button.

Walk forward after the cut scene and you’ll see Chunky Kong hanging in a cage. Continue walking until you reach the blue lever and then press the “A” button. You will then enter the Frantic Factory level.