How to Recover Lost Cell Phone Numbers

by Erika Duncan BryantUpdated September 28, 2017
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Due to increasing technology, cell phones have become the way of the world. Cheap rate plans and cell phones have made this technology available to almost everyone. Many cellular users save contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses, exclusively in their cell phones. When a cell phone is lost, stolen or broken, or if the data is accidentally erased, users can be left without access to important information. There are a few ways to restore deleted phone numbers and a few steps to take to prepare yourself for this sort of eventuality.

Use free retrieval programs to restore lost cell phone numbers. Websites such as File Guru allow users to download free software which can restore lost data from SIM cards. This type of software can restore phone numbers, text messages, recent calls and all types of phone memory.

View old statements to look over all incoming and outgoing calls until you find the number you need. You can access the statements by logging in to your account on your cellular service provider‘s website; you may receive printed statements by mail, as well.

For future preparedness, you can also subscribe to the backup program available through your service provider's website (such as Verizon Wireless's "Backup Assistant"). Programs such as these charge a small fee to access your address book and automatically save a copy of your phone's contacts, and allow users to print, add, delete or edit contacts online. The minimal fee is well worth the ability to access your contacts from anywhere, anytime.

Sync the phone with your computer. Most smart phones and the iPhone come equipped with a USB cable to allow users to back up phone data to their computers, and retrieve the data when necessary. If you have previously performed a sync, or backup, with your phone, you can connect the phone to your computer to download all of the saved information. However, any phone numbers added after the latest sync will not be available.

Contact your particular cell phone manufacturer, such as Motorola or Apple. The customer service representative may be able to talk you through a step-by-step process to restore deleted data, although some phones may not have this ability.


For future reference, it is a good idea to sync your phone at least twice a month--more often if you frequently add contacts. In addition, if you do not have a phone that is equipped to perform syncs or you are unwilling to subscribe to backup services, consider manually entering contacts into a computer file or writing them in a paper address book for added security.


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