Golden Tee Golf Cheats

By Ann Mapleridge

Updated September 22, 2017

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"Golden Tee" is a popular golfing video game found in a variety of bars, restaurants and arcades throughout the United States. The game has grown in popularity partially due to its tournament-style game play, in which top players compete against other Golden Tee players around the world for real prizes. If you're trying get good at "Golden Tee," there are several tips or cheats that will help your way through the various golf courses in the game.

Southern Oaks

Southern Oaks course is typically best played using distance balls and the X-22 set of clubs. For hole number two, try shooting the ball a long distance and then going through the trees with a 5-wood to your right rather than around them to save time. There is a gap in-between the trees that will allow you to shoot your ball right through the trees onto the green and right past your opponents.

Tahiti Cove

Tahiti Cove is best played in general with the X-22 set of clubs and distance balls. For hole number six, put a back spin on your ball and bounce it through the sand at the beginning of the hole rather than trying to go around it. Your ball should sail right through rather than get stuck, and going through the sand will save you several strokes.

Bella Toscana

Hole number four in Bella Toscana is easily played with a high-distance ball and a 5-wood. Using the two together will allow you to shoot your ball directly over the tree that is immediately in front of you at the start and onto the green, making for any easy eagle.

The Great Wall

The Great Wall is considered the easiest course in "Golden Tee." For hole number 10, don't try to clear the river and instead go around it. Balls will often get stuck in the water, slowing you down. For hole number 12, keep in mind that you are shooting the ball downhill (much more downhill than it seems), and adjust your putting accordingly.